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14 Best Homemade fertilizer for roses

We are presenting a list of Best Homemade fertilizer for roses as it is very important to give essential nutrients to plants for their growth and well-being. Feeding the rose plant with fertilizer is a crucial activity to ensure good growth and more blossoms, as in some circumstances, plants will grow bushy without flowers or there is no plant growth or even blooms. In order to increase the plant’s growth and flowering, it is therefore preferable to fertilize the plant. Additionally, it aids in resistance to disease and pest issues.

I personally utilized both organic and inorganic fertilizers on my rose plants. If you are using fertilizer in containers rather than a ground-based planting, you should fertilize more frequently because the nutrients lose their potency more quickly.

Nutrients required by plants, including roses

14 Best Homemade fertilizer for roses

The three main nutrients—nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium—are split into these three groups.


Nitrogen promotes leaf growth more. In order for a rose to produce blossoms, it needs good foliage; foliage that is healthy produces more flowers. Nitrogen excess results in more leaves and fewer blooms.

Yellow leaves and fewer blooms are produced when there is less nitrogen in the soil.


Phosphorus encourages strong root growth and increased bloom production. Less phosphorus causes leaf drop, weak flower stalks, and closed buds.

14 Best Homemade fertilizer for roses


Potassium, commonly known as potash, aids in the recovery from stress, illness, and damage caused by insects, other creatures, or bad weather. Lack of potassium causes weak flower stems, yellow leaf edges, and poorly developed buds.


Micronutrients like calcium, magnesium, sulfur, boron, iron, manganese, and zinc are also essential for rose bushes to grow.The Best Homemade fertilizer for roses I’ve tried on my rose plants to produce more gorgeous flowers are these.

Best Homemade fertilizer for roses: here is the List

I always advise using organic Best Homemade fertilizer for roses since it improves soil naturally through the use of worms (vermicompost), organic items like animals, or plants that are beneficial for the environment. These can be fed to your rose plant and offer a variety of nutritional benefits in addition to supporting healthy bacteria.

14 Best Homemade fertilizer for roses

Let’s move through a list of best homemade fertilizer for roses:

1. Manure

Manure can also be added to the soil when planting the plants, or once they are established, we can cover the soil with layers of manure to act as a mulch to ensure that nutrients get to the roots when we water the plants.

To avoid burning your rose plants, it is best to apply manure in the spring and make sure it is well-aged.

2. Compost

Compost encourages plant growth in general, making roses more resistant to pests and diseases. Apply 1-2 layers around the base of established plants each spring or mix into the soil when planting the plant.

3. Alfalfa Foods

Alfalfa provides beneficial overall organic additions, which promotes quicker, more vigorous development and increased flowering in plants. This is one of the ones I use the most frequently for my rose plants.

4. Fertilizer for fish

When kelp meal and fish fertilizer are combined, the plant is encouraged to grow lushly green. typically applied every three weeks to receive the majority of it.

5. Seaweed or kelp meal

Seaweed, such as kelp meal, encourages the growth of roots and increases a plant’s resistance to insects’ illnesses and pests. We can use this Best Homemade fertilizer for roses all through the growth season.

14 Best Homemade fertilizer for roses

6. Bone Meal

Bone meal can be used as a slow-release Best Homemade fertilizer for roses in the spring. It will have an impact throughout the growing season once more in the fall to encourage root growth and healthy flower blooming for the next year.

7. Espresso extract

Any time during the growing season, the plant’s base can be treated with coffee extract to increase nitrogen levels. Because coffee is acidic, the PH of the soil can be changed by adding lime or other alkaline sources.

8. Cottonseed meal

Apply cottonseed meal once every six months for a slow-releasing fertilizer action throughout the growing season that improves overall plant health. Since it has an acidic character, the PH of the soil can be changed by adding lime or other alkaline sources.

14 Best Homemade fertilizer for roses

9. Epsom salts

Epsom salts encourage green foliage, vibrant stem growth, and blossom color. Use it in the spring to get the most out of it.

Epsom salt can be used in conjunction with other best homemade fertilizer for roses to increase the plant’s nutrient levels, therefore it is not only a fertilizer in and of itself.

Magnesium sulfate, sometimes known as Epsom salt, is a common household item. Sulfur and magnesium are both present.

Epsom salt aids in the restoration of green leaves and helps the plant produce more chlorophyll (if the leaves have other issues, dry them).

How should Epsom salt be used with rose plants?

1. Add two tablespoons of Epsom salt to a gallon of water and stir well.

2. Permit the rose plant’s soil to completely dry out.

3. The third step can also be used to directly spray the rose plant or its foliage.

4. Gently pour the mixture into the Rose plant’s base.

5. Submit an application up until early October.

10. Best Homemade fertilizer for roses made from tea powder

One of the best Homemade fertilizer for roses is used tea powder. after brewing tea with tea powder. To obtain good results, apply that to the rose plants. In addition to phosphorus and other micronutrients that are beneficial to the soil for plant growth, it contains 4% nitrogen.

14 Best Homemade fertilizer for roses

How may tea powder be used as best homemade fertilizer for roses?

1. After using tea powder in the kitchen, don’t throw it away.

2. Thoroughly wash the tea powder before applying it as fertilizer.

3. Apply to the soil’s top layer while leaving the soil’s roots alone.

4. To accelerate the growth of the rose plant, do this every month.

11. Rose plant fertilizer made from rice water

This is a typical kitchen trash that can be found in any home. It is the best homemade fertilizer for roses. Starches and even beneficial minerals are present in the water left behind after washing your rice.

Additionally, cans have macronutrients like NPK that promote healthy rose plant growth. Unpolished rice is recognized to be a good source of vitamin B. This might also encourage the rose plant’s roots to grow new ones.

How can rice water be used to nourish rose plants?

1. When washing rice in the kitchen, save the rinse water for your rose plant instead of throwing it away.

2. Add the saved water to the Rose plant’s base.

3. Rice water can also be used to irrigate the plant instead of watering it regularly. Plants will undoubtedly grow bigger and quicker as a result of this.

This is the best homemade fertilizer for roses. Because of their high calcium content, crushed eggshells are crucial for any plant’s food supply. Calcium stimulates a plant’s growth and aids in the production of healthy, lush green foliage in plants.

How may eggshells be used with rose plants?

1. Keeping the two to three eggshells in the zip-lock bag is the first step.

2. Minimize the eggshells’ size through crushing.

3. Scatter the crushed eggshells over the rose plant’s soil.

4. Gently mix the soil’s top inch without disturbing the rose plant’s roots.

14 Best Homemade fertilizer for roses

13. Fruit or vegetable waste

This is another typical source of micro- and macronutrient-rich vegetable or fruit waste that aids in the rose plant’s rapid growth. You can simply slice them up into small pieces and bury them in the ground close to the plant without even composting them. As they break down over time, they will release nutrients.

Even better, you can feed the pulp from those wastes to plants to speed up their growth. This is commonly referred to as liquid fertilizer.If the sun is shining, there is another method to use this. You can offer it to plants, dry it, or powder it.

Give any of these best homemade fertilizer for roses in tiny doses at first, then check on the plant to see whether it’s alright for a few days before giving more. Apply it sparingly and not all at once.

14. Rose plant fertilizer made from banana peels

The most frequently asked question is whether or not we can fertilize rose plants with banana peels. This can be used in the same way as vegetable, fruit, and floral waste. By storing banana fertilizer in a jar for several weeks and then pouring it into the rose plant, banana fertilizer can be utilized as liquid fertilizer.

The banana peel can be cut into little pieces and buried in the ground close to the plant to release nutrients for the plant. To get decent results, we can also dry banana peels and feed them to plants.

Applying any of these list of best homemade fertilizer for roses will cause the plant to burn instead of making it grow faster.

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14 Best Homemade fertilizer for roses

FAQs: Best Homemade fertilizer for Roses

Q1: What are the benefits of using homemade fertilizer for rose plants?

A: Best Homemade fertilizer for roses offer several benefits, such as being cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and customizable to meet the specific needs of your rose plants. They also provide essential nutrients that promote healthy growth and vibrant blooms.

Q2: What are some common ingredients used in homemade rose plant fertilizers?

A: Best Homemade fertilizer for roses often include organic materials like compost, banana peels, eggshells, coffee grounds, and fish emulsion. These natural ingredients provide a rich source of nutrients for the roses.

Q3: How do I make a compost-based fertilizer for my rose plants?

A: To make a compost-based fertilizer, collect kitchen scraps, yard waste, and other organic materials in a compost bin. Once the compost is ready (after several weeks to months), apply it around the base of your rose plants to enrich the soil with nutrients.

Q4: Can I use coffee grounds as a fertilizer for my roses?

A: Yes, coffee grounds can be an best homemade fertilizer for roses. They add nitrogen to the soil, which helps with leafy growth. Simply sprinkle used coffee grounds around the base of your roses and mix them into the soil.

Q5: How often should I apply homemade fertilizer to my rose plants?

A: The frequency of applying best homemade fertilizer for roses depends on various factors, such as the type of fertilizer and the specific needs of your rose plants. Generally, it’s best to fertilize roses in the growing season (spring and summer) every 4-6 weeks.

Q6: Are there any homemade fertilizers to avoid for rose plants?

A: Yes, some homemade fertilizers, like those high in salt or chemicals, should be avoided, as they can harm the roses. Avoid using items like meat, dairy, or heavily seasoned food scraps in your homemade fertilizer mix.

Q7: How do I create a banana peel fertilizer for roses?

A: To create a banana peel fertilizer, cut up fresh banana peels into small pieces and bury them around the base of your rose plants. The peels release potassium, phosphorus, and other essential nutrients as they decompose.

Q8: Can I use eggshells as a natural fertilizer for roses?

A: Absolutely! Eggshells are a fantastic source of calcium, which is beneficial for rose plants. Crush the eggshells into small pieces and sprinkle them around the rose bushes or mix them into the soil.

Q9: Is homemade fertilizer as effective as store-bought options?

A: Homemade fertilizers can be just as effective as store-bought ones, provided they are well-balanced and properly applied. The key is to ensure that your homemade mix provides the necessary nutrients and is used in the right proportions.

Q10: Are there any additional tips for using homemade fertilizer on roses?

A: Always water your rose plants before applying homemade fertilizer to prevent burning the roots. Additionally, monitor your roses’ health and adjust the fertilizer application based on their growth and bloom requirements.

Remember that while homemade fertilizers can be beneficial for rose plants, it’s essential to maintain a balanced approach and provide proper care, including adequate sunlight, water, and pruning, to ensure healthy and flourishing roses.

Final thoughts

Following rose plant pruning Your rose plant needs fertilizer, so do it. Can you get a lot of flowers and healthy plant growth? Comment and shoot me. Cheers to reading!

The best fertilizer for roses is alfalfa meal, which has good overall organic amendments, promotes quicker, more vigorous development, and greater bloom in plants (use coffee grounds for a nitrogen boost during growing seasons). Any well-balanced NPK fertilizer, such Miracle-Gro Roses or Peters All-purpose, can be used as chemical fertilizer.


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