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The 3 Most Powerful Mortal Kombat Characters Female

Mortal Kombat also abbreviated as MK is a successful fighting game franchise developed by Midway, which has inspired a slew of related media. It is especially noted for its digitized sprites and its mix of bloody and brutal action full of graphic Fatality killing moves. Let’s quickly go through the list of 3 most poweful Mortal Kombat Characters Female and know about their power and strengths.

Mileena: A Mutant Hybrid

Mileena is the first in our list of Mortal Kombat Characters Female and is the perfect daughter to Emperor Shao Kahn and Queen Sindel.

Mileena is a mutant hybrid clone of Kitana made in Shang Tsung’s flesh pits at the request of Shao Kahn, who was growing increasingly concerned that Kitana might one day discover the truth and betray him. Despite her vicious temperament and psychosis, Mileena is shown to have a more empathetic side in Mortal Kombat 11.

Mileena is now the elder twin sister of Kitana and the daughter of Sindel, having been stricken with the devastating “Tarkat” sickness since Mortal Kombat 1. Mileena, Sindel’s first child, is the successor to the Outworld throne and works with Kitana to ensure she is the finest empress possible.

The 3 Most Powerful Mortal Kombat Characters Female
Special moves:
Sai Blasts: Hold high punch for 2 seconds, then release. (Also can be used in air)
Teleport Drop: Down, Down, Low Kick.
Ball Roll: Back, Back, Down, High Kick.


Man Eater: Hold high kick for 3 seconds, then release. (Close)
Sai Stabs: Forward, Back, Forward, Low Punch. (Close)
Babality: Down, Down, Down, High Kick.
Friendship: Down, Down, Down, Up, High Kick.
Stage Fatality: Forward, Down, Forward, Low Kick.

Kitana: Cutting Machine

Princess Kitana is 2nd in our list of 3 most powerful Mortal Kombat Characters Female and is 10,000 years old, yet in her kingdom of Edenia, she is considered youthful and possesses the look of a young lady. She grew to prominence through the years, first as Shao Kahn’s faithful stepdaughter, then as his adversary, ripping herself free from his control and liberating her home realm of Edenia.

Kitana, like Mileena and Jade, wore a plain blue leotard with matching knee-high boots, long gloves, and a headband in MKII.

In Mortal Kombat 11, she faced up against her adopted father and the series’ main antagonist, Shao Kahn. She would eventually murder Kahn, become king of Outworld, and successfully unify Outworld’s many species. Few individuals can claim to have defeated Mortal Kombat’s main villain, putting her in the same league as Liu Kang and Raiden.

The 3 Most Powerful Mortal Kombat Characters Female

Special Moves

Move nameInputDamageBlock DamageMove TypeNotes
Fan TossD – F – 1
Amplify with R1
(Air) Fan TossD – F – 16.001.750HighProjectile
Fan LiftD – B – 23.001.350MidRanged
Quick ExecutionD – F – 210.001.350HighKrushing Blow triggers in a Kombo of 8 or more.
(Air) Square WaveB – F – 3
Amplify with R1
Amp: Overhead
Triggers a Krushing Blow if this attack is a Kounter or Punish from Maximum Range

Fatal Blow

DEADLY GAMEL2 + R231.001.500MidArmor – 1 Hit

Sindel: A diffiicult Villain in Mortal Kombat Characters Female

Sindel is 3rd in our list of Mortal Kombat Characters Female and she is really powerful. Despite her intimidating look, Sindel is actually gentle and compassionate, at least in the original era. Together with her daughter, Princess Kitana, she ruled the Realm of Edenia. In more than one aspect, Sindel’s power appears to be of an inner, ethereal kind. She is a much older and more mature lady, with flowing grey hair and a royal demeanor appropriate for her job as Queen of Edenia.

Her ability to float and manipulate sonic waves demonstrates her innate love for aerial magic. Ed Boon, the developer of Mortal Kombat: Deception, sees Sindel as a difficult villain in more ways than one. Sindel is not one of the major characters in the series, but she plays an important role. She is an important member in our list of Mortal Kombat Characters Female.

The 3 Most Powerful Mortal Kombat Characters Female

Special Moves:

Star Screamer: Forward, Forward, Low Punch.
Double Star Screamer (MKT only): Back, Back, Forward, Low Punch.
Banshee Scream: Forward, Forward, Forward, High Punch.
Levitate: Back, Back, Forward, High Kick.
Air Fireball: Down, Forward, Low Kick.


Banshee Screech: Run, Run, Block, Run, Block. (Close)
Split Ends: Run, Run, Block, Block, Run + Block. (Sweep)
Stage Fatality: Down, Down, Down, Low Punch. (Close)
Animality: Forward, Forward, Up, High Punch.
Babality: Run, Run, Run, Up.
Friendship: Run, Run, Run, Run, Run, Up.

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